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BTPR_564_sm_suppfig1.tif71KSupporting Figure 1 Immune response of mice immunised with single or multiple antigens. The immune response specific for each antigen was evaluated by ELISA using the sera from 1st and 2nd bleed from mice immunised with a single antigen (SA) or with an antigen cocktail (MA).
BTPR_564_sm_supptable1.doc28KSupporting Table 1 Hybridoma yield expressed as percentage of viable cell lines obtained after performing SAPF and SASF1-5 fusions
BTPR_564_sm_supptable2.doc35KSupporting Table 2 Antigens and mice used for immunisation
BTPR_564_sm_supptable3.doc27KSupporting Table 3 Comparison of the relative efficiency of hybridoma recovery obtained with Single Antigen Pooled Fusion (SAPF) and Multiple Antigens Single Fusion (MASF) approaches
BTPR_564_sm_supptable4.doc36KSupporting Table 4 Number of monoclonal antibodies specific for each target antigen obtained with MASF and SASF approaches
BTPR_564_sm_supptable5.doc47KSupporting Table 5 Scheme of the multiple antigen immunisation trial
BTPR_564_sm_supptable6.doc66KSupporting Table 6 Scheme of the single antigen immunisation trial

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