Enhancing hypericin production of Hypericum perforatum cell suspension culture by ozone exposure



Accumulation of secondary metabolites is one of the common reactions of plants to ozone exposure in nature. To investigate the effect of ozone on the production of desired compounds of plant cell cultures, we assayed hypericin production of Hypericum perforatum suspension cell cultures treated with different doses of ozone at different culture phases. The results show that hypericin contents of the cells treated with 60 to 180 nL L−1 ozone are significantly higher than those of the control, showing that ozone exposure may stimulate hypericin synthesis. Hypericin production of the cells treated with ozone at exponential phase is higher than that of lag and stationary phase, which suggests that exponential phase cell cultures are more responsive to ozone exposure than lag and stationary phase cells. The highest hypericin production is obtained by the cells exposed to 90 nL L−1 ozone at late exponential phase for 3 h, being about fourfold of the control. © 2011 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Biotechnol. Prog., 2011