Shear-induced changes in membrane fluidity during culture of a fragile dinoflagellate microalga



The commonly used shear protective agent Pluronic F68 (PF68) was toxic to the marine dinoflagellate microalga Protoceratium reticulatum, but had a shear-protective effect on it at concentrations of ≤0.5 g L−1. Supplementation of P. reticulatum cultures with PF68 actually increased the fluidity of the cell membrane; therefore, the shear protective effect of PF68 could not be ascribed to reduced membrane fluidity, an explanation that has been commonly used in relation to its shear protective effect on animal cells. Data are reported on the membrane fluidity of P. reticulatum and its response to the presence of PF68 under sublethal and lethal turbulence regimens. The membrane fluidity was found to depend strongly on the level of lipoperoxides in the cells produced under lethal agitation. © 2011 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Biotechnol. Prog., 2012