What happens when context thwarts an information architect's vision?


  • Thom Haller

    Associate Editor for IA, Teacher, Speaker, Writer and user Advocate
    1. Teaches principles of performance-based information architecture and usability. Since 1998, Thom has taught classes on architecting usable web/Intranet sites. As a teacher, Thom enables students to structure information so people can find it, use it and appreciate the experience
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Editor's Summary

Working with an organization to improve the structure and content of its Internet site can be discouraging and humbling when its stakeholders resist change. Proven writing skills that work in traditional formats do not always succeed in an online environment, coming across as verbose, obstructing clarity and impeding easy navigation. Suggestions to simplify wayfinding around the information space may be ignored, leaving the information architect with a sense of failure to deliver relief from information overload. Though not all recommendations will be accepted, the professional IA learns from each interaction and strives to deepen others' appreciation of the potential for effective site content and structure.