Introduction metrics & ASIS&T



Editor's Summary

Bibliometrics takes center stage for this Bulletin, with a review tracing its historical foundation in the mid-19th century through forecasts of its expanding uses in future research. The scope of bibliometrics has grown from generalized statistical bibliography, the quantitative study of patterns and references in written communication, to an increasing range of identified subfields. SIG/MET, the recently established ASIS&T special interest group (SIG), reflects the growing research focus on metrics in information science. This issue explores bibliometrics within and outside the information science field, the webometrics of the links to the ASIS&T website, an altmetric view of JASIST readership and metrics-based visualizations of co-authorship patterns in the field of bibliometrics itself. Interviews with four distinguished ASIS&T members active in bibliometrics consider where metrics research has come from and where it may be headed.