Editor's Summary

For the third year, students attending the ASIS&T Annual Meeting were invited to compete in a design challenge, this time focusing on “truthiness.” The task was to devise a user opinion site that would distinguish fake reviews from valid and trustworthy ones. Students settled into four teams, based partly on the similarity of their shoes, and chose topics for their sites. Over two days, grabbing time between conference sessions, the teams gathered to plot out aspects of their site including system architecture, input and output features and user interaction. Teams then described the hypothetical sites to a panel of four judges, who considered creativity, impact on the problem, feasibility, contribution to humanity and quality of the presentation. As members of the winning team of Pratt + S. Carolina + Mizzou, Matt Miller, Jeff Mixer, Ben Richardson, Dinara Saparova, Andy Steinitz and Yao Zhang will receive free registration for the 2013 ASIS&T Annual Meeting in Montreal.