ASIS&T online education initiatives: Driving the future



Editor's Summary

SIG/ED sponsored a panel at the 2012 ASIS&T Annual Meeting to review the Society's web educational efforts and explore promising future options. By late 2012 ASIS&T had presented nearly 40 webinars. A Webinar Task Force studied using web conferencing to raise the association's visibility and found the format to be popular and worth expanding. Considering other modalities, the Online Education Task Force concluded that ASIS&T should develop a unified online platform to support a variety of web-based events and communication forums. During the panel session, trends in online education were discussed, including the use of Learning Management Systems that support webinars as well as blogs, social networks, discussion boards and other interaction channels for an online learning community. Panel attendees offered numerous additional suggestions including member preference surveys, collaborating with other organizations and repackaging webinar content. A follow-up task force will take a holistic look at the association's web presence, and members are invited to submit their ideas.