Editor's Summary

At a panel organized by the Information Professionals Task Force for the 2012 ASIS&T Annual Meeting, several respected leaders in the field shared insights about how to move the profession forward. Gary Marchionini conveyed observations from an earlier symposium including recognition of common values and the social mission of the profession, changing economic models affecting organizations and the need to focus on problem solving instead of narrow disciplines. Michele Cloonan outlined factors likely to affect new graduates entering the profession, such as the growing interaction among formerly distinct segments of the information world, global networking, a greater focus on data curation and attention to leadership development. Though hurricane Sandy thinned the panel of recruiters of information professionals, Allen Tien of MDLogix noted problem solving, communication and continual learning among the skills and competencies he looks for. A focal point in the follow-up discussion was the difficulty recent graduates have finding jobs; panelists pointed to opportunities in nontraditional information environments.