ASIS&T annual meeting plenary speaker: Edward chang: Mobile opportunities



Editor's Summary

At a plenary session of the 2012 ASIS&T Annual Meeting, Edward Chang touched on recent information technology developments and explored emerging innovations. Vice president of research at hTC Corporation and past research director at Google in China, Chang recalled Google's page ranking for Web 1.0 and subsequent efforts to support mobile access, user-generated content and pushing information for Web 2.0. Advances in human computer interaction, especially sensors in cellphones, enable a higher level of location-based computation. Natural language processing backed by massive data and computation power supports interpretation and even translation of spoken queries to yield semantically and situationally relevant returns. Advances in location-based services permit highly precise data delivery. Cellphone sensors can even monitor stress, detect health changes and provide security alerts. Though privacy is a critical outstanding issue, the combined capabilities of cloud computing, infrastructure, big data, social networks and cellphone sensors are leading to evolutionary and revolutionary changes.