ASIS&T annual meeting award winners: Award of merit acceptance speech



Editor's Summary

Accepting the 2012 ASIS&T Award of Merit, Michael K. Buckland mused on the inherent interest and social benefits of library and information science. As a child, Buckland saw being a librarian as a worthwhile endeavor, transitioning from child stage star until he found something more interesting. Through various positions as a professional librarian and researcher, he came to appreciate the value of effective library management, design, planning and the power of technology, as well as libraries' role in informing and building communities. Libraries provide access to essential tools and methods for solving societal problems. The field should pursue dedicated research and directly address and promote its supportive and enabling position in society. Despite bemoaning ambiguous terminology in the field and occasional inadequate thinking, Buckland expressed envy for young professionals for their years of interesting and socially beneficial work ahead.