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A direct anastomosis between the stems of celiac trunk and left colic artery by an anomalous fourth celiac trunk branch: First cadaveric study



Coeliac trunk (CT) is a ventral branch of abdominal aorta (AA) supplying the foregut through its three main branches, left gastric (LGA), common hepatic (CHA) and splenic artery (Standring et al., 2009). Branching pattern of CT may vary from above mentioned classical three to four, five or six. Additional branches include inferior phrenic artery, dorsal pancreatic artery, middle colic or accessory middle colic artery (Hamilton and Mossman, 1972; Amonoo-Kuofi et al., 1995). Anastmosis between CT and Superior mesenteric artery (SMA) which supplies the midgut derivatives in the form of Bühler's arcade (1-2%) is present posterior to the body of pancreas (Douard et al., 2006; McNulty et al., 2001). Anastomoses between SMA and Inferior mesenteric artery (IMA) which supplies hindgut derivatives are also documented (Lange et al, 2007; Van Damme and Bonte, 1990). Until recently no communications between arteries of foregut and hindgut were reported (Manoharan et al., 2010; Patel et al., 2010; Stimec et al., 2011). We report the first cadaveric finding demonstrating a direct communication between the stems of CT and left colic artery (LCA) via a fourth anomalous CT branch in the absence of any co-existing stenosis or aneurysm in the main vessels. Clin. Anat. 26:984–986, 2013. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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