Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that I have accepted the position of Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Anatomy. Clinical Anatomy has risen to new heights under the leadership and watchful eye of Editor Emeritus, Stephen Carmichael. With your help, my goal is to continue this successful path. I would like to take this opportunity to ask each of you to submit your best work to our journal for consideration. I would also ask you to contact your colleagues who might not be familiar with Clinical Anatomy and suggest that they consider our journal for any clinically relevant anatomic research that they wish to publish. Cutting edge submissions relevant to our field will continue to move us forward. The future of Clinical Anatomy is promising and I look forward to sharing exceptional, relevant bodies of work with you. I am eager to hear your thoughts on ways that you believe we can sustain our current level of excellence and further improve our journal. Last, please note the new cover design for this year's journal. We plan on yearly high quality illustrations to be seen on the journal that convey our dedication to the interface between health and anatomy. 1

Illustration 1.

R. Shane Tubbs