Dear Colleagues,

With great pride, we introduce the 2013 Special Issue of Clinical Anatomy. Through the diligent work of our expert authors, this issue focuses on anatomically relevant issues of the female patient. Due to the lack of a collective work on female-related anatomic topics in the literature, we felt such a publication was overdue. Therefore, we will present female specific issues that have an anatomic and clinical focus. We thank each of the authors for their contributions. In this issue, you will find wide ranging reviews from nipple sparing mastectomy for breast cancer to an up-to-date review of our knowledge and understanding of the clitoris and female orgasm. The historic article by Dr. Hildebrandt is particularly sobering. We hope that these publications will enlighten you and that you will take this opportunity to pass these papers along to interested colleagues. Last, we would like to dedicate this Special Issue to the devotion and diligence of Dr. Stephen Carmichael who provided us with over a decade of superb leadership. Thank you Stephen! 1

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Melissa Wellons