“The chirurgeon must knowe the anatomie”


In 1577, the surgeon, physician and anatomist Thomas Vicary stated, “The Chirurgeon must knowe the Anatomie, for all authors write against those surgeons that work in man's body not knowing the Anatomie: for they be likened to a blind man that cutteth in a vine tree, for he taketh away more or less than he ought to do.” Cheever (1933) reminded us of the saying that the surgeon can learn all the anatomy he needs on his patient- all he needs perhaps, might be rejoined, but not all the patient needs! These sentiments echo the importance of a good basis in clinical anatomy in medical and medically related curricula. In this day of minimally invasive procedures and new diagnostic technologies, even the general practitioner of medicine may be called upon to have a good working knowledge of the human anatomy beyond what is thought to be “necessary.” The current issue of Clinical Anatomy strives to provide the reader with anatomy that goes beyond simple morphological analyses. This issue contains scholarly works on topics such as the hepatic vasculature and surgical landmarks for this region and their application to disease and surgery to the blood supply of the ilium and application to bone grafting. We hope that these topics are useful to you in your practice and teaching of clinical anatomy!