Herein, Clinical Anatomy begins with our first Special Issue of 2014. We are pleased to offer this collection of papers that demonstrates the clinical anatomy of the cranial nerves. Such knowledge is important not only to the specialist but also to those general practitioners of medicine. Our guest editors for this Special Issue are Dr. Mohammadali Shoja, an AACA Co-Editor, and Dr. Nelson Oyesiku who is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Neurosurgery, which is the official journal of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons. Our guest editors have put together a collection of unique papers that runs the gamut from new technological advances in medical imaging that allow the cranial nerves to be seen with better clarity than ever before to the essentials of the physical examination of the cranial nerves. Several of this issue's papers are based on cadaveric dissections, which makes the following comment from Davies et al. (1833), from over 170 years ago, very apropos, especially for the clinician:

“And shall we absurdly trust to operate on the human frame made in God's own likeness, filled with that nice machinery, to which even to approximate would bid defiance to human ingenuity and industry, those individuals who are prepared by the study of only wax models and paper drawings?”


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