Ethnic hierarchies, ethnic prejudice, and social dominance orientation


  • This research was supported by grant no. 421-2002-2849 to Bo Ekehammar from the Swedish Research Council.


Previous research in multi-ethnic societies has shown that people rank, or form hierarchies of, the ethnic groups on the basis of social distance. Based on self-report data from a community sample (N = 150 non-psychology students), this study examined (1) the correspondence of ratings and rankings of six ethnic target groups among various subgroups of participants (Swedish and immigrant men and women), and (2) the relationship of inclination to ethnic ranking with ethnic prejudice and social dominance orientation. In accord with our hypotheses, the results disclosed that (1) irrespective of gender and ethnic origin, the various subgroups of participants ranked and formed similar hierarchies of the six ethnic target groups, and (2) people's inclination to ethnic ranking showed significant correlations with their ethnic prejudice as well as social dominance orientation. Copyright © 2005 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.