• garment grading;
  • mean value coordinates;
  • clothing simulation;
  • clothing design retargeting


This paper presents a novel framework for garment grading. In CG, an extensive amount of study has been carried out to clothe human characters, but little attention has been taken to the grading problem itself. For the development of a grading technique, we obtained the insight from the process of drawing the patternmaking draft (sloper) in the clothing field. Noting that the draft can be completely determined by supplying the primary body sizes, we abstract the draft construction process as a computer procedure, which we call the parametrized draft. With the parametrized draft, we develop a grading method based on the draft-space warping, which takes three steps: (i) draft-space encoding, (ii) target draft construction, then (iii) draft-space decoding. The proposed grading method can be performed instantly for any given body without calling for the user's intervention. With experimental results, we show that the new grading framework can bring an improvement to garment grading. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.