This special issue contains 28 papers selected from the Computer Animation and Social Agents 2013 (CASA'2013) Conference. This conference was founded by the Computer Graphics Society in 1988 in Geneva and has, since then, been held in various countries around the world, 2011 in China, last year in Singapore, this year in Istanbul, Turkey, and next year in Houston, USA.

The 3-day conference features more than 55 speakers who present their most current research in the areas of computer animation, autonomous social robots and virtual humans, and how these technologies can be leveraged to advance related areas, such as music, virtual cities, and crowd control. Addressing this year's conference are human motion modeling expert associate professor Jinxiang Chai from Texas A&M University and renowned haptics researcher, associate professor Cagatay Basdogan of Koc University.

This year, we received 141 full papers and selected only 28 of those for this special issue; meaning, an acceptance rate of only 20%. It is needless to say that these are of high quality, all having been reviewed by at least three reviewers. The themes are various, covering the entire international field of research in computer animation and virtual worlds and sorted by their sessions in the conference; they are as follows.

Crowd Simulation, Fluid Simulation, Natural Phenomena and Lighting, Face/Hair Animation and Rendering, Virtual Cities and Path Planning, Paint Simulation, Medical/Immersive Applications, Virtual Agents, 3D Mesh Deformation, Human Action Recognition, 3D Mesh and Geometric Modeling, and Human Motion.

We would like to thank the authors for having submitted a paper to CASA'2013 as well as the Program Committee members, the external reviewers, and all the people who have contributed to the success of CASA 2013 in Istanbul.


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Conference Co-Chairs

Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann

Mustafa Kasap

Program Chairs

Daniel Thalmann

Tolga Capin

Selim Balcisoy

Publicity Chair

Tolga Eren

International Program Committee

Norman Badler

Selim Balcisoy

Ronan Boulic

Yiyu Cai

Tolga Capin

Marc Cavazza

Bing-Yu Chen

Yiorgos Chrysanthou

Sabine Coquillart

Frederic Cordier

Justin Dauwels

Etienne De-Sevin

Zhi-Gang Deng

Fabian Di Fiore

Yves Duthen

Arjan Egges

Abdennour El Rhalibi

Petros Faloutsos

Ugur Gudukbay

Mario Gutierrez

James Hahn

Ying He

Shi-Min Hu

Zhiyong Huang

Veysi Isler

Jean-Pierre Jessel

Sophie Joerg

Chris Joslin

Prem Kalra

Mustafa Kasap

Scott King

Taku Komura

Caroline Larboulette

Rynson Lau

Wonsook Lee

Tsai-Yen Li

Ming Lin

Anderson Maciel

Nadia Magnenat Thalmann

Dinesh Manocha

Rachel Mcdonnell

Franck Multon

Soraia Musse

Junyong Noh

Igor Pandzic

George Papagiannakis

Laura Papaleo

Nuria Pelechano

Christopher Peters

Julien Pettre

Flavien Picon

Tiberiu Popa

Nicolas Pronost

Isaac Rudomin

Hyewon Seo

Hubert Shum

Matthias Teschner

Daniel Thalmann

Xin Tong

Andy W. H. Khong

Huamin Wang

Jun Wang

Enhua Wu

Junsong Yuan

Cem Yuksel

Zerrin Yumak

Jian Zhang

Zhengyou Zhang

Jianmin Zheng