3D soft tissue warping dynamics simulation based on force asynchronous diffusion model



Soft tissue warping is one of the key technologies of medical dynamics simulation, such as surgical simulation, image guided surgery. In this paper, we present a novel simulation method which is stable and fast like linear models for soft tissue warping simulation. This method performs on the irregular mesh models, and it is able to represent the visual properties of physical processes with low computational complexity using the Force Asynchronous Diffusion Model (FADM) proposed in this paper. It contains three parts: model preprocessing, collision detection and simulation model solution. In model preprocessing, we establish three models based on the triangular mesh: the geometrical model, the physical model and the transitional model. A two-level collision detection algorithm is presented based on the three models. At every time step of the simulation model solution, to more accurately reflect the internal physical properties of the soft tissue, we divide the springs in physical model into three kinds: tissue springs, connection springs and virtual springs; and we propose the asynchronous regions and active regions to simplify the computing process according to the realistic physical warping. Experimental results show the FAMD can achieve good warping effects on speed and realism. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.