Generation of tree movement sound effects


  • Katsutsugu Matsuyama,

    Corresponding author
    • Department of Media Architecture, Future University-Hakodate, 116-2, Kameda, Nakanocho, Hakodate, Hokkaido, 041-8655, Japan.
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  • Tadahiro Fujimoto,

  • Kazunobu Muraoka,

  • Norishige Chiba


This paper presents a method for automatically generating sound effects for an animation of branches and leaves moving in the wind. Each tree is divided into branches and leaves, and an independent sound effect generation process is employed for each element. The individual results are then compounded into one sound effect. For the branches, we employ an approach based on the frequencies of experimentally obtained Karman vortex streets. For the leaves, we use the leaf blade state as the input and assume a virtual musical instrument that uses wave tables as the sound source. All computations can be performed independently for each frame step. Therefore, each frame step can be executed on completion of the animation step. The results of the implementation of the approach are presented and it is shown that the process offers the possibility of real-time operation through the use of parallel computing techniques. Copyright © 2005 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.