• route panorama;
  • panoramic view;
  • cyberspace;
  • streaming media;
  • virtual tour;
  • visualization;
  • georeference


This work establishes a cyberspace of a real urban area for visiting on the Internet. By registering entire scenes along every street and at many locations, viewers can visually travel around and find their destinations in cyberspace. The issues we discuss here are mapping of a large-scale area to image domains in a small amount of data, and effective display of the captured scenes for various applications. Route Panoramas captured along streets and panoramic views captured at widely opening sites are associated to a city map to provide navigation functions. This paper focuses on the properties of our extended images—route panorama, addressing the archiving process applied to an urban area, an environment developed to transmit image data as streaming media, and display for scene traversing on the WWW in real time. The created cyberspaces of urban areas have broad applications such as city tour, real estate searching, e-commerce, heritage preservation, urban planning and construction, and vehicle navigation. Copyright © 2005 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.