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Co-construction and performancescapes


Correspondence to: Gülnur Tumbat, Associate Professor of Marketing, San Francisco State University, College of Business, 835 Market St. Suite 574, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA.



Although prior literature has emphasized marketplace participants' co-construction mostly in terms of symbolic, oral, or emotional aspects of a consumption experience, there has not been much attention paid to potential concerns around success, failure, strategies, risk, dependence, and competition involved. This article, by building on the existing body of research, introduces the notion of performancescapes to better understand these issues as they relate to participant performances in the co-construction of marketplace experiences. Performances have the character of being an accomplishment involving an interactive quality and an element of risk. Accordingly, highlighting competencies and effectiveness rather than just the meaning enables us to concentrate on issues of success, failure, and risk. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to examine the marketer side of marketplace performances, but the customer side is generally neglected or assumed to be more passive. In this paper, we explore some of the ways through which service providers and clients participate in a marketplace stage as a performancescape in order to have a successful co-constructed performance. We further maintain that the performative competencies of consumers can be as significant as that of marketers or service providers.

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