• Recently, a number of studies have investigated consumer decision-making styles (CDMS) and their importance to consumer behaviour research. However, research designs suggested to date are mainly replications of a study by Sproles and Kendall (1986) proposing eight mental characteristics, the so-called Consumer Styles Inventory (CSI). The CSI has been applied across cultures, but without critically examining its validity and reliability. A major concern is the postulated product independence of CSI. The aim of this study is to further develop this approach, to apply it to different product categories and to investigate the relationship between product involvement and CDMS. In doing so, we conducted a survey in Great Britain and Germany, and analysed the data using exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. Not only did we demonstrate that there is a relationship between products and CDMS, but also that CDMS are governed by consumers' perceived product involvement. Important implications for marketing practice can be derived.

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