Six new norlignans, named sequosempervirins B–G (16), together with three known norlignans, agatharesinol (7), agatharesinol acetonide (8), and sugiresinol (9), were isolated from the branches and leaves of Sequoia sempervirens. Their structures were determined mainly by high-resolution mass spectroscopy (HR-MS), and various 1D- and 2D-NMR methods, as well as, in the case of 1, by means of X-ray diffraction. Compound 8 showed anticancer activity towards the A549 non-small-cell lung-cancer cell line (IC50=27.1 μM). The acetone extract of S. sempervirens was found to be antifungal towards Candida glabrata (IC50=15.98 μg/ml), and both the acetone and MeOH extracts inhibited the proteolytic activity of cathepsin B (IC50=4.58 and 5.49 μg/ml, resp.).