• Chlorophyll;
  • Senescence;
  • Pigments;
  • Porphyrins


In cold extracts of senescent leaves of the Lime tree (Tilia cordata), two colorless nonfluorescent chlorophyll catabolites (NCCs) were identified, named Tc-NCC-1 and Tc-NCC-2, as well as a polar yellow chlorophyll catabolite (YCC), named Tc-YCC. The constitution of the two NCCs was determined by spectroscopic means. In addition, a tentative structure was derived for Tc-YCC. The three chlorophyll degradation products exhibited tetrapyrrolic structures, as are typical of NCCs or YCCs, and turned out to be rather polar, due to a glucopyranosyl group at their 82-position. At their 3-positions, the more polar Tc-NCC-1 carried a 1,2-dihydroxyethyl group and the less polar Tc-NCC-2 a vinyl group. Tc-YCC was identified as the product of an oxidation of Tc-NCC-1.