Cover Picture: The TEAD4–YAP/TAZ Protein–Protein Interaction: Expected Similarities and Unexpected Differences (ChemBioChem 10/2013)



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The cover picture shows a schematic view of the interaction between the YAP and TAZ co-activators with a TEAD transcription factor. TEAD transcription factors are key elements of the Hippo pathway, which is deregulated in various types of cancers. YAP and TAZ share a high sequence homology and bind with similar affinity at the same site on the TEAD surface. However, this apparent similarity conceals differences in the ways in which both co-activators interact with TEAD. On p. 1218 ff., P. Chène et al. depict the similarities and differences of the TEAD4–YAP/TAZ protein–protein interaction.

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