Long-term muscle-derived cell culture: multipotency and susceptibility to cell death stimuli


Corresponding author: e-mail: audrone.kalvelyte@bchi.vu.lt


Improvement in the yield of adult organism stem cells, and the ability to manage their differentiation and survival potential are the major goals in their application in regenerative medicine and in the adult stem cell research. We have demonstrated that adult rabbit muscle-derived cell lines with an unlimited proliferative potential in vitro can differentiate into myogenic, osteogenic, adipogenic and neurogenic lineages. Studies of cell survival in vitro showed that differentiated cells, except neurogenic ones, are more resistant to apoptosis inducers compared to proliferating cells. Resistance to death signals correlated with the level of protein kinase AKT phosphorylation. Skeletal muscle-derived cell lines can be multipurpose tools in therapy. Enhanced resistance of differentiated cells to certain types of damage shows their potential for long-term survival and maintenance in an organism.

This article was published online on 29 January 2013. An error was subsequently identified. This notice is included in the online and print versions to indicate that both have been corrected 6 March 2013.