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cbin10043-0001-sm-SupFig-S1.tif99KFigure S1. Expression and affinity purification of fusion proteins GST-heRF3b(lane 1 and 2), His-hSVV(lane 3 and 4), His-heRF3a-F3 (lane 5 and 6), and GST-hSVV (lane 7 and 8), and SDS–PAGE (10%) analysis of the fusion protein. The molecular weights of the proteins are ∼94.9, 17.2, 56.6 and 42.4 kDa, respectively.
cbin10043-0002-sm-SupFig-S2.tif597KFigure S2. N-terminal domain (NTD) sequence divergence of GSPT1 (eRF3a) and GSPT2 (eRF3b). GSPT1-1 and GSPT1-3 represent two isotypes of GSPT1. The dark-grey highlighted region represents the possible IAP-binding motif (Hegde et al., 2003); the arrow indicates the truncation site used to construct the mutant eRF3s. The yellow frame indicates the random coil secondary structure, whereas the red frame regions indicate α-helix secondary structure.

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