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cbin10048-0001-sm-SupData-S1.tif6468KFigure S1. Characterisation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (hBM-MSCs). (A) hBM-MSCs show fibroblastic morphology in culture. (B) Adipogenic differentiation of hBM-MSCs into adipocytes and staining with oil red O. (C) Differentiation of hBM-MSCs into osteoblasts and Alizarin red staining.
cbin10048-0002-sm-SupData-S2.tif3352KFigure S2. Assessment of transplanted hBM-MSCs on improvement of the liver fibrosis mouse model. (A) Macroscopic difference between the normal and fibrotic livers. NL, normal liver; FL, fibrotic liver. (B) Histological analysis of liver by MT staining in normal and different sham, and experimental groups.

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