• bos taurus MYF5;
  • fibroblast cell transduced;
  • muscle differentiation


The formation of vertebrate skeletal muscles widely thought to be under the control of hierarchy of regulatory genes. MYF5 is one of the myogenic determination gene expressed in the developing mouse dermomyotome which control skeletal muscle differentiation. In the current work, we had obtained the cDNA sequence including the full coding region of the bos taurus myogenic factor MYF5 by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction. Furthermore, we examined whether fibroblast cell derived from mouse and bos taurus can be transduced using plasmid vectors carrying bos taurus MYF5. Bos taurus MYF5 activates MYF5 and MYOD1 expression after 1 day culture. The concerted upregulation of the myogenic regulatory factors enhanced myosin (skeletal fast) expression. These observation show that MYF5 is essential for myogenic differentiation and provides candidates for regulation bos taurus skeletal muscle development.