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Video S1. Video showing the dissection of M. ehrenbergii. The following steps were taken at the following time points: 17:06, M. ehrenbergii is placed into a well made from vacuum grease; 17:07, most of the Ringer's solution is removed from the well to limit movement; 17:08, 10 µL needle is inserted into the testes through the animal's body wall and the testes is sucked out; 17:09, the testes in Ringer's solution mixture is expelled onto a cover slip; 17:10, fibrinogen is added to the mixture and a thin layer of solution is spread over the cover slip; 17:11, thrombin is added over the layer to form the clot.


Video S2. Video showing M. ehrenbergii consuming brine shrimp. At 18:32, brine shrimp was just added and the worm is seen accumulating its food. From 18:40 onwards, a bundle of brine shrimp held together by the glue these animals secrete can be seen around the pharynx of the animal as it consumes its prey.


Video S3. Video showing M. ehrenbergii giving birth to S eggs. There is an initial video sequence displaying the process 30× the actual speed, followed by a second sequence which shows the S eggs being released in real time. The S eggs can be seen released at the following times: 19:01:51, 19:04:07, 19:05:44, and 19:05:45.

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