A novel recombinant Salmonella vaccine enhances the innate immunity of NK cells against acute myeloid leukaemia cells Kasumi-1 in vitro



Minor histocompatibility antigen HA-1-specific cytotoxic lymphocyte (CTL) clones have apparent anti-leukaemic efficacy, and the AML/ETO gene is a special fusion gene in leukaemic cells. Thus, we hypothesised that a vaccine targeting HA-1 and AML/ETO could stimulate NK cells to target leukaemia cells. Furthermore, we packaged the vaccine using attenuated Salmonella to enhance its immuno-activity. Expression of the NK cell-activating ligand ULBP2 was notably elevated upon packaging in a co-recombinant group. An AML/ETO single plasmid gave the weakest vaccine. The level of miR-182, which targets ULBP2, significantly decreased with increasing IFN-γ and granzyme B in a co-recombinant group. In summary, DNA vaccines including AML/ETO and HA-1 fragments significantly enhance the innate immunity of NK cells in vitro.