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cbin10197-sm-0001-SuppFig-S1.docx83KFigure S1 Viability plot of T-47D cells drawn based on increased concentration of doxorubicin (A) and sodium acetazolamide (B).
cbin10197-sm-0002-SuppFig-S2.doc215KFigure S2 The morphology of apoptotic and necrotic cells are demonstrated by double staining with Annexin V-FITC and PI.
cbin10197-sm-0003-SuppTab-S1.doc46KTable S1 The list of forward and reverse primers for RT-PCR and real time RT-PCR.
cbin10197-sm-0004-SuppTab-S2.doc37KTable S2 Numerical results of flow cytometry analysis.
cbin10197-sm-0004-SuppTab-S3.doc37KTable S3 Numerical results of real time RT-PCR analysis obtained based on ▵▵CT method for cells incubated with acetazolamide.

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