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Figure S1. (A) Total RNA was made from the WT cell culture. Ten and twenty micrograms of total RNAs were separated on a 1% agarose gel containing formaldehyde, and only one 3 kbp long band can be detected by Northern blot with the probe specifically binding to eco1 part of Eso1. (B) Whole cell extracts were made from WT cells, eso1 CCH540,543,555AAY and eso1 CCH655,658,677AAY mutants with C-terminally TAP tagged Eso1, and eso1 CCH540,543,555AAY mutant showed decreased level of Eco1 fragment expression, but not WT cells and eso1 CCH655,658,677AAY mutant.


Table S1. The peptides detected by MS following Eso1-TAP purification from 3L cell culture.


Table S2. The peptides detected by MS following Eso1-TAP purification from 6L cell culture.


Table S3. The nucleotide sequence of primers used in this study.

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