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Figure S1. Distribution of the CAG repeat length at THAP11 locus in normal individuals and spinocerebellar ataxias patients in the Chinese Han population. n refers to the number of chromosomes.

Figure S2. Stable PC12 cell line expressing pVg-RXR was transfected with pIND- THAP11(29Q) or pIND-THAP11(38Q) vector and then the cells were treated with 5μM PonA for the indicated time. Cells were harvested and the expression of THAP11 were detected by Western Blotting analysis using anti-THAP11 antibody. β-actin was used as an internal control. exTHAP11: exogenous THAP11; enTHAP11: endogenous THAP11.

Figure S3. Identification of THAP11 binding proteins in PC12 cells.

cbin10255-sm-0002-SupMovie-S1.rar182KSupplementary Movie S1
cbin10255-sm-0003-SupMovie-S2.rar2275KSupplementary Movie S2
cbin10255-sm-0004-SupMovie-S3.rar6119KSupplementary Movie S3
cbin10255-sm-0005-SupMovie-S4.rar63KSupplementary Movie S4

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