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Movie: Multimedia Adjunct: Phases of the destruction of the Chinook salmon cell line, CHSE-214 monolayer by Tetrahymena thermophila.

This multimedia adjunct is a video file that presents the progression through the typical major phases in the destruction of an animal cell monolayer, by the ciliate T. thermophila (strain B1975). The animal cell line was CHSE-214, and the progression of damage occurred similarly in each cell line, although the timings differed. Ciliates were added at a low density (1,500 cells/mL) to confluent wells of a 12-well tissue culture plate, and the medium was L-15 with 10% FBS (see Materials and Methods for detailed protocol). The video begins when the first sign of damage to the monolayer was visible (<24 h after co-incubation), and continues through to the ultimate destruction of the monolayer (72 h after co-incubation). Time and magnification are presented as video legends. High magnification of ciliates in concentrated aggregates of feeding cells is presented mid-way through the video; the behaviour of feeding ciliates is notable.

The file name for a multimedia adjunct is “Tthermophila_grazing.AVI”.

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