GuideLiner, a child-in-a-mother catheter for successful retrieval of an entrapped rotablator burr


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Entrapment of the rotablator burr within heavily calcified lesions is a recognized complication, which usually necessitates sternotomy and open surgical intervention to retrieve the trapped burr. In some cases, the trapped burr can be retrieved using simple traction, but this is potentially hazardous with possible trauma and perforation of the vessel. Passing a wire alongside the trapped burr with ballooning to free the burr can be attempted. We describe a novel technique to remove a trapped rotablator burr from a heavily calcified lesion using counter-traction with a GuideLiner, child-in-a-mother catheter, which successfully removed the entrapped burr without the need for surgery when simple traction alone had been ineffective. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.