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Transcatheter retrieval of an embolized methylmethacrylate glue fragment adherent to the right atrium using bidirectional snares


  • Conflict of interest: Nothing to report.

Correspondence to: Ronald G. Grifka, MD, FSCAI, Helen DeVos Childrens Hospital, 100 Michigan Street NE, 10th Floor Cardiology, Grand Rapids, MI 49503


We report the successful transcatheter retrieval of a 6-cm long, rigid methylmethacrylate glue fragment that embolized from a vertebral body to the right atrium. The glue fragment was adherent to the right atrial wall. Two snares were needed, advanced from opposite directions, to carefully separate the glue fragment from the atrial wall, then align it in a linear fashion directly into the sheath for an uneventful removal. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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