Percutaneous coronary intervention in TAVI: The “proboscis” catheter


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We report a case of an 81-years-old male, recently implanted with a Core Valve (CV) prosthesis and admitted to the ER for acute coronary syndrome. Coronary angiography revealed the patency of the coronary artery by-pass grafts but was impossible to cannulate the left main “imprisoned” by the CV prosthesis struts. Aortography showed an excessive gap between the CV struts and the coronary ostium. To cross the CV struts, we developed a “proboscis” catheter by cutting away the proximal end of the 7F JL 4 catheter and putting inside the 5F Heartrail catheter. The following angiograms showed a critical stenosis in the proximal obtuse marginal (branch), successfully treated with a bare-metal stent implantation. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.