New frontier for intracardiac devices: Endobronchial occlusion of bronchopleural fistula with CERA device


  • Conflict of interest: Dr. Chamié is consultant and proctor for Boynton (representative of Lifetech Scientific, Shenzhen, China). The other authors do not declare any conflict of interest related to this manuscript.


We report on a 57-year-old patient suffering from advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the left lung, ultimately submitted to intrapericardial left pneumonectomy with hilar and mediastinal lymphadenectomy. Imaging examination showed a left bronchopleural fistula that needed to be occluded. Due to the patient's high surgical risk, endobronchial closure with intracardiac device was performed. The ASD CERA™ device (Lifetech Schenzhen, China) was chosen. The procedure was successful and the patient was discharge from the hospital 5 days thereafter. Endobronchial closure of bronchopleural fistulas with intracardiac devices is feasible and may become an excellent option for those very ill patients. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.