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Telomerization of Myrcene and Catalyst Separation by Thermomorphic Solvent Systems



Telomerization of common petrochemical 1,3-dienes such as butadiene and isoprene have long been successful with different nucleophiles; however, the telomerization of the C10 hydrocarbon myrcene was not known until now. Herein, the first telomerization of the monoterpene myrcene with diethylamine is discussed, which provides an atom-economical way of generating C20 amines in a single step. Variation of the palladium precursors and phosphorous ligands and optimization of solvent and additives led to the optimum catalyst system [Pd(MeCN)4](BF4)2/PPh3. By using a thermomorphic solvent system, the Pd complex can be easily separated with low leaching values.