• C[BOND]H activation;
  • cobalt;
  • mixed oxide;
  • oxidation;
  • strontium


A facile and rapid preparation method for a wide variety of medium surface area perovskite-type catalysts on the laboratory scale is presented. The cellulose templating method allows for catalysts with high phase purity, even at the relatively low calcination temperatures. Among the versatile compositions of perovskites based on the SrCoOx system, straightforward modifications could be performed to optimize the catalytic performance in the oxidation of CH4. Substitutions in both the A and B positions in the ABO3 lattice can remarkably affect the catalytic activity. Compared to other preparation methods, the cellulose templating method is a rapid process and the catalytic performances obtained with SrCoOx and LaCoOx are at least as good as with materials prepared by conventional methods.