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A Palladium Bipyridyl Complex Grafted onto Nanosized MCM-41 as a Heterogeneous Catalyst for Negishi Coupling



The Negishi coupling of aryl bromides or acyl chlorides with organozinc chlorides catalyzed by a palladium bipyridyl complex anchored on nanosized mobile crystalline material 41 (MCM-41) were investigated. The reactions proceeded smoothly with a very low catalyst loading in THF at 70 °C for electron-deficient aryl bromides, which gave good to high yields of the Negishi coupling products. However, reactions in toluene at 110 °C were required if electron-rich aryl bromides were employed. For acyl chlorides, the reactions could be performed in THF at 50 °C and the corresponding ketones and ynones were obtained in high yields. After centrifugation, it was possible to easily recover the supported catalyst from the reaction mixture, and this could be reused several times without any retreatment or regeneration with only a slight decrease in activity.