• hydrodeoxygenation;
  • ketones;
  • nickel;
  • supported catalysts;
  • zeolites


Cyclohexanone was chosen as a model substrate to evaluate certain catalysts for the hydrodeoxygenation of aliphatic ketones in a fixed-bed reactor. The experimental results indicated that alkali-treated Ni/HZSM-5 exhibited excellent performance for this reaction. Two aspects of the catalyst are enhanced by alkaline treatment; the amount of strong acid sites on the catalyst is sharply reduced, and also a large number of mesopores are generated in the catalyst. The decrease of strong acid sites suppresses the formation of low-boiling products and aldol-condensation side products, while the mesopores improved hydrogenation and dehydration performances of the catalyst. These two aspects also promoted the catalyst’s excellent time-on-stream performance. Additionally, generality of the catalyst is proved; most of the selected carbonyl compounds can be hydrodeoxygenated to the corresponding alkanes with selectivities of more than 97.0 %.