• carbenes;
  • chemoselectivity;
  • hydrogenation;
  • nanoparticles;
  • platinum


In this communication, we report the first synthesis of Pt NPs stabilized with NHC ligands and their investigation as catalysts in the chemoselective hydrogenation of nitroarenes. The results in catalysis show that by a proper choice of the NHC stabilizer and the adjustment of the NHC/metal ratio, these NHC-capped Pt NPs exhibit high levels of activity and selectivity in the hydrogenation reactions. In particular, Pt NPs stabilized with 2 equiv. of IPr carbene (PtIPr0.2) catalyze the chemoselective reduction of a series of functionalized nitroarenes under mild conditions (1 bar H2, 30 °C). This catalyst tolerates the presence of a range of functional groups including hydroxyl, benzyloxy, carbonyl and olefinic moeities as well as halogens.