Inside Back Cover: Application of Bismuth-Impregnated Mesoporous Silica to the Photochemical Oxidation of Methylene Blue: An Example of Nanoparticle Autocatalysis (ChemCatChem 4/2013)



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Faster Bi itself! The cover picture illustrates the formation of active BixOy nanoparticles from bismuth impregnated mesoporous silicas (Bi-TUD-1) in the presence of light and hydrogen peroxide and the fascinating autocatalysis observed from the application of these particles to the decomposition of methylene blue. In their Full Paper on p. 959 ff., A. J. Ward et al. describe the mechanism and kinetics of methylene blue decomposition over these catalysts, with increasing photochemical oxidation activity observed with decreasing bismuth loadings. It was determined that singlet oxygen was responsible for the oxidation and proposed that lower bismuth concentrations favoured the formation of smaller bismuth species in the silica framework.

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