Superior Catalytic Activity of Sub-5 μm-Thick Pt/SiC Films as Counter Electrodes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells



Dye-sensitized solar cells with sub-5 μm-thick Pt/SiC-P (1.79 at. % Pt), Pt/SiC-M (0.45 at. % Pt), and Pt/SiC-R (0.39 at. % Pt) counter electrode (CE) films fabricated by using three different processes produced power conversion efficiencies of 6.82, 7.64, and 7.04 % that reached 86.5, 97.0, and 89.3 %, respectively, of the level obtained by using a print-Pt CE (7.88 %). These materials can reduce the cost of CEs and solve challenges involving Pt.