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Ruthenium-Catalyzed Hydroaroylation of Styrenes in Water through Directed C[BOND]H Bond Activation



Selective C[BOND]H bond-functionalization reactions of arenes offer the potential for a more benign synthesis of fine chemicals and organic building blocks for the life science industries. In this respect, direct carbonylative coupling reactions of (hetero)arenes allow for the straightforward synthesis of (hetero)aromatic ketones and related derivatives. Herein, we present an efficient ruthenium(II)-catalyzed carbonylative hydroarylation of alkenes through directed C[BOND]H functionalization. More specifically, the carbonylative hydroarylation of styrenes with 2-aryl- (heteroaryl)pyridines and related derivatives proceeds selectively and with 100 % atom efficiency in water as the solvent.

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