Enhanced Au[BOND]Pd Activity in the Direct Synthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide using Nanostructured Titanate Nanotube Supports



Nanostructured supports with tubular morphologies can impose one dimensional external constraints to supported metal nanoparticles affording small sizes (<2 nm) with high dispersion. Specifically, the curvature and chemical environment of the external nanotube surface appears to play a key role in determining the morphology and stability of the supported Au[BOND]Pd nanoparticles. This strategy is presented as an alternative nanoparticle stabilisation approach rather than encapsulation within porous structures or the use of organic capping agents with associated diffusional limitations. Here, we report the enhancement achieved in the Au[BOND]Pd alloy reactivity for the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide when supported on titanate nanotubes (Ti-NT) with a productivity above 11 600 molinline image kgmetal−1 h−1 afforded by the high metal–support interaction.