Inside Back Cover: Tuning Al2O3 Surface with SnO2 to Prepare Improved Supports for Pd for CO Oxidation (ChemCatChem 6/2014)



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SnO2 boosts! The cover picture shows how SnO2 is used to tune an Al2O3 surface to synthesize significantly improved supports for Pd for CO oxidation. In their Full Paper on p. 1604 ff., X. Wang et al. demonstrate that the addition of SnO2 maintains high surface areas and introduces active O species into the prepared SnO2/Al2O3 composite supports, thus improving Pd dispersion and strengthening its interaction with the supports. Consequently, the activity and stability of Pd/SnO2/Al2O3 are significantly improved. Intriguingly, the presence of H2O vapor further increases the catalytic activity.

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